Golf Performance Packages

We offer golf performance packages for every level of player in a unique performance facility, integrating the 4 pillars of performance, for ultimate game improvement.

Par 3


Short and simple are what make par 3’s so fun.  This is our introduction program to our body swing-connection.  30-minute workout followed by a 30-minute golf lesson.  Great for beginners and players looking for mobility and stability in their swings.

  • 4 Sessions
  • FREE use of Infrared Sauna and Normatec Compression
  • Text, Email, or Call to schedule

Par 4


Designed to jump start your game and leave you feeling the best you’ve ever felt on and off the course.  Work hard, recover fast, and transfer your new body and swing to the course in quick fashion.  As you develop new strength and new movement patterns the workouts will challenge your game and produce increased distance and efficiency.

  • (5) 45-Minute Workouts, (5) 45-Minute Golf Lesson
  • FREE use of Infrared Therapy and Normatec Compression Therapy
  • Text, Email, or Call to schedule

Par 5
NEW Women’s Golf Experience


A new way for women to enjoy both the game and their health.  Great for every level of player, and an awesome way to rejuvenate your immune system and your skin.  Discover the benefits of instruction and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy.

  • (5) 45-Minute Golf Lessons
  • (5)-1 Hour Hyperbaric Oxygen Session
  • FREE Infrared Sauna Therapy
  • FREE Normatec Therapy
  • Text, Email, or Call to schedule