Golf Performance Packages

We offer golf performance packages for every level of player in a unique performance facility, integrating the 4 pillars of performance, for ultimate game improvement.

Operation PEAK Fitness

Performance Standard


(5) 45-Minute Fitness Session

(5) 45-Minute Golf Lessons

Designed to elevate your game and leave you feeling the best you’ve ever felt on and off the course.  Work hard, recover fast, and transfer your new body and swing to the course in quick fashion.  As you develop new strength and new movement patterns the workouts will challenge your game and produce increased distance and efficiency.

P.A.D.S. Class

Power, Accuracy, Distance, and Speed!

NEW performance class for those looking for a little extra POP in their swing.  Classes will develop the necessary key elements for ultimate yardage.  Class is 45-minutes in length, all ages welcome.  This circuit style class will have  1 station strictly for DRIVER and the other stations all about speed and power.  The most unique and forward thinking golf performance class for golf in 2021!  BEGINS January 12th

  • DROP IN $35
  • 5 Pack $125