Golf Performance Services

Golf Performance and Swing Mechanics

Golf-Body Evaluation

This is our initial consultation for members looking to improve their game.  We evaluate current physical abilities and discuss a road map for success that can involve all pillars to performance.  The evaluation will assess mobility and stability patterns that could be causing swing imbalances and shot inconsistency.  We believe in measuring everyone’s abilities so that we can document the improvements over time.


Each player is unique swing and each player has different physical needs which is why every exercise program we build is customized.  By ensuring the safety of our clients first, and decreasing the risk of injury this is always our number 1 goal.  From there we build upon the successes of functional movement and build speed, strength, and power for a complete athletic golf swing.


Perhaps the biggest factor to all purposeful training is proper nutrition.  You can practice, play, and workout all you want, but if your nutrition isn’t balanced then your body won’t respond to the stimulus.  Our staff will maximize your results with simple, easy nutrition plans to help you lose weight, gain muscle, reduce inflammation, decrease stress and play better golf.

Denver Golf Performance


We offer several modalities of recovery to help our players stay healthy and heal faster for increased results.  From M.A.T. (muscle activation technique) to Fascial Stretch and Eldoa, to our Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy chamber for truly the best golf performance experience in Colorado.  Move Better, Play Better!

Trackman Practice & Play

Our state of the art Trackman bay is available for practice 7 days a week so you can implement and see the changes to your game.  Every member must be a current lesson holder or have completed our golf-body assessment, so that you can understand the data correctly and how the system works for maximum benefits.  Enjoy and relax with the ability to play the world’s best courses for a fun relaxing experience.

Trackman Certified Coach

Golf Instruction

Using today’s top technology with Trackman, KVest 3D, BodiTrak, and V1 Video be assured you will be getting the most accurate information for your game.  Applying the fundamentals and establishing correct swing patterns , and efficient game plan, we will get you to the top of your game.  Whether you are a beginner, amateur, or aspiring professional we can help.