DGP Welcomes Korn Ferry Tour

DGP Welcomes Korn Ferry Tour

Ryan Schmitz PGA Tour Latin America


The golf world is emerging and thriving in these tough and difficult times, and native Ryan Schmitz is an example of determination.  Despite set backs in Covid-19 times the http://www.pgatour.com has emerged and Colorado is thriving because of it.  This week at https://tpc.com/colorado/ and the https://www.pgatour.com/korn-ferry-tour.html Ryan Schmitz will be be competing against some of the best players in the world.

Ryan joined Denver Golf Performance several weeks ago to pursue his passion and dream of playing on the PGA Tour.  Because of recent events his schedule has landed him in Colorado for the summer, instead of playing on PGA Tour Latin America where he has full exempt status.  A graduate of the University of Colorado, Ryan has been focused on getting his body stronger and more resilient for the tour.

Ryan, just like every player has physical limitations and is using the next few months to capitalize on his body.  Ryan comes in on average 5 days a week for both strength training and recovery work.  Our focus has been creating more stability and strength using dynamic movements and challenging patterns with progressive overload.  Ryan is a tremendous athlete so pushing him is second nature.  Ryan’s day usually begins early at DGP, often at 6am.  After his workout he takes advantage of our recovery services with nutritional supplementation, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, and Normatec compression therapy.

With DGP as the only golf facility in the country to offer hyperbaric oxygen therapy as part of their services we feel confident Ryan will be ready to compete this week and the rest of the summer at the highest level.

By: Jamie white