Golf Fights The Coronavirus

In addition to providing our clients with the best golf instruction, fitness, nutrition, and recovery, we also provide the best leading prevention medicine for the Coronavirus.  The Coronavirus is a respiratory disease which starts in the lungs.  To fight infection in our bodies, it increases development of immune cells into the lungs.  This process basically makes or breaks the virus.  If the respiratory system is compromised more fluid builds up causing inflammation which restricts air flow to the lungs, which in turn restricts blood and oxygen to the rest of the body.  White blood cells are produced by our immune system to fight off bacteria and viruses.  If the body cannot adequately produce and transport the plasma through the body, the immune system becomes compromised. 

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy provides a highly effective way to increase the volume of oxygen into the blood which will increase circulation and transportation of necessary nutrients to the inflamed and restricted blood vessels.  The pressurized environment allows up to tenfold increase of oxygen level in the blood plasma.  This process gives the immune system a boost.  When the body’s cells responsible for protecting against bacteria become compromised, they require additional oxygen to fight off and kill the harmful products.  If the cells required to fight off the virus have insufficient oxygen, bacteria overtake the immune system.  The pressurized oxygen chamber will help produce faster transportation of the metabolic process for healthy cell regeneration.  Oxygen therapy provides 100% pure oxygen which helps block the action of harmful bacteria and strengthen the immune system, which can disable toxins.  With the increased amount of oxygen therapy, perhaps the best benefit is the ability it gives the white blood cells to find and destroy the unhealthy invaders.

In addition to the virus affecting the lungs first, it also attacks other organs, primarily the liver.  As golf is a very social sport and alcohol can be a part of most players rounds, the liver is a huge proponent to protect the body against the coronavirus.  The liver is a crucial vascular organ and responsible for processing your blood after it leaves the stomach filtering out the toxins and creating nutrients for the body via transportation in the bloodstream.  We know that hyperbaric oxygen therapy increases the pressure three times higher than normal air pressure.  Under these conditions your lungs can gather more pure oxygen which will transport blood more efficiently throughout the body.  This process helps produce growth factors and stem cells, which promote healing, thus providing more healthy conditions for the body to prosper. 

At Denver Golf Performance we pride ourselves in developing our clients from a total health prospective and educating our members that the best antivirus protection is a healthier human.  We want to be proactive and not reactive to this virus.  Developing your immune system starts from the inside out.  Diet and exercise are the catalysts to creating healthier humans and hyperbaric oxygen therapy, is and always will be the best supplement.  With more oxygen comes better recovery, and with better recovery comes better immune systems.  Although disinfectants, anti-bacterial lotions, cleaning regularly, and washing your hands will help the spread, it still does nothing for your immune system.  We can combat the Coronavirus and many other daily viruses and diseases with better diets and more targeted fitness.  If the body is primarily made of water and oxygen it would behoove us to get more of these basic ingredients.  The human body is a complex organism, and everyone is different.  With this current threat, let’s not get away from the things that are in our control and have been available to us for hundreds of years.  At Denver Golf Performance we offer a natural effective way to boost your immune system with our team of fitness and nutrition experts.  We are the only golf facility in the country to offer Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy to our clients.   We can help fight a bad slice, strengthen your immune system, and together create a healthier environment.   Move better, play better, live better…come see us at Denver Golf Performance

by Jamie White