Sequencing for Consistency

Sequencing for Consistency
Move better. play better

Inconsistent ball contact is mostly caused by poor sequencing from improper rotation. Most players have been taught that by firing the hips will create the power and timing they seek. Too often I see players trying to swing the golf club from the top. They think by swinging and rotating faster this will create distance.

There are a million ways to play golf but only one efficient way to swing the club. The body has to operate in a certain sequence called the kinematic sequence. In order for this to happen the body has to work from the bottom up, not from the top down. Being patient while swinging the club is the focus of this post.

With all my clients I stress the importance of efficiency over intricacy. Do less and be more productive and consistent. From the top of the swing if we align the torso more on top of the pelvis for a longer period of time before “trying” to hit the ball, the player will be more consistent. The torso is often left behind when analyzing golf swings. If we think from a mass and momentum perspective the swing becomes easier and thus more efficient.

When shifting your weight onto the lead side, do it sooner in the swing and keep your back to the target for as long as you can. The torso of each individual accounts for almost 48 percent of the total body. If, during the swing we properly align the torso the player can now create effortless power if they keep it moving towards the target throughout. This loads the lead side leg and creates an easier and faster rotation from the body, which increases arm and club speed.

Using the torso more effectively will ultimately create a better swing direction and attack angle which will control the face longer, for better ball striking. Remember move better, play better.

By Jamie White