Social Practice vs. Informational Practice

Data captured with Trackman

Do you love going to the driving range to work on your game? Spring is in the air, temperatures are rising and our quarantine appears to be subsiding. As we restart our golf season the biggest mistake you can make on consistent basis is going to the driving range to hit balls.

In today’s market, as we’ve seen certain things have been altered and taken from us. The way we learn and practice is no different. We are demanding the ability to do things remotely and accurately. What information is available to you at the driving range? Perhaps yardage to certain flags are posted or perhaps you need to bust out your range finder to get that information. Are the range balls Titleist Pro V1’s, or are they super hard durable balls made for mileage not accuracy. The question becomes what exactly are you achieving or accomplishing at the range, if everything about the practice environment provides incorrect data.

Trackman is the world’s leading launch monitor and radar. The unit has a dual doppler radar system with a built in 240fps camera, and is accurate to 1 inch for every hundred yards of distance. Trackman has over 26 data points that measure and records your swing so you know exactly what’s happening. With Trackman instructors have the ability to fix your swing in basically one swing. Trackman knows exactly what ball your using, what the spin rate is, how much the ball curved, carried, and how far your ball landed from the pin.

Trackman provides probably the most essential data related to the impact of the ball and the conditions of the club. If you are working on fighting that slice but just can’t seem to figure it out, do you just finish hitting the bucket with the false pretense that you have it figured out? Without out impact data you simply don’t know if what you’re practicing is working.

Without this technology you simply are just guessing and hoping. While the range can be some what therapeutic as a release or an excuse to get out of the house, if you truly want to improve your game you need this technology. Did the ball go to the right for the right reasons or the wrong reasons. Do you know how many degrees your face was open at impact or do you just think that it went right because you swung that way. Does your large bucket come with information on swing direction, spin rate, attack angle, smash factor, carry distance, total distance, average distance, swing plane, or impact location? Why would you hit a shot based on incorrect data or not having the ability to measure how well you hit the shot. Struggling with distance control? That’s because you don’t have information from the green basket of doom telling you.

Stop social practicing at the range and learn how to actually improve in one swing with Trackman. In fact we are offering at home range sessions with Trackman. Their is a reason just about every tour player, and equipment manufacturer uses Trackman, and now it can be available to you. Understanding your swing is easier than you think. Don’t wait to get better, dial it in now with Trackman.