The Golf Pandemic

During this unfortunate pandemic, golf is opening new doors on how to approach the game.  As we all adjust to new normal behaviors we must be exhilarated that golf is growing again, and people are starting to see a different way to play.  We all know the beauty and tranquility a golf course can give us at certain moments, and as the world reopens people are taking to golf in a whole new light.  As golf and the PGA Tour will be the first major sports organization to return, our members are putting their health of the game first.

As we have learned of late how important our health is, so to has Carolyn Weiss.  An active and competitive runner she took up golf after retirement as a way to enjoy more time outdoors and as way to get adequate exercise.  She had played on her own without any formal lessons for a year and half and decided that this was her year to really improve.  Because Carolyn is a competitive runner she understood the undertaking involved to get better.  At one point she finished second in her age group in the Bolder,Boulder.  I use this analogy all the time with my students, that if you want to run a marathon, you don’t just show up on the day of the race an expect to run 26.2 miles.  It actually takes time, patience, and training.

Carolyn decided to enroll in our Tee 2 Green Transformation program in which we offer unlimited lessons, practice, and training.  We started this journey back in January, and basically started from scratch.  With every sport comes fundamentals.  I explained that high level players are just really good at fundamentals, and so it began.  Grip, stance, posture, alignment, face, angle, direction, and loft.  Carolyn was able to come 5 days a week so it was more manageable to explain and to go slow so she could understand how simple it can be.  The first month or so is always awkward when acquiring new skills.  With the help of Trackman we were able to help her develop a feel of what each fundamental felt like with extensive, easy to understand data.  With each passing day her confidence began to rise and her enthusiasm with it.  When the weather warmed one day in March, it was time to test her new skills and actually get out onto the course with her husband.  I got a text late that evening stating how her husband couldn’t believe how much more better she was, in fact he said 150 times better.  Carolyn came in the next day ready for more.  With any endeavor it’s always two steps forward and one step back.  We have good days and we have bad days.  Carolyn understood that tomorrow would be another day to learn and improve.

We are now only a wee 4 months into learning the game and yesterday i received more great news.  The text read…”I’m so excited, we played 13 holes and i had 6 pars, 4 bogeys, 5 GIR’s, and my longest drive to date, 212 yards.”  Golf is a very difficult game, but it goes to show that, with hard work, dedication, a great attitude, golf can be the most rewarding game in a time of uncertainty.  Golf gives us the opportunity to exercise our body, mind, and spirit which is why it is the greatest game ever played.  The timing of this pandemic is unfortunate however a great opportunity for the growth of the game and the development of a lifestyle.  We could not be more proud of Carolyn and her progress, and the best part is we get to share that everyday with her.  Tomorrow will be another step closer to hitting the ball more consistent and gaining more confidence.  We can’t wait to keep you posted on her progress, we are expecting great things from her.

By Jamie White